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T8 to T5 Fluorescent Conversion Kit

Our T8 to T5 Converter is PSB approved and very compettitively priced.

• Input: 220-240V AC (Able to work with existing electromagnectic ballast connected)

• Power consumption: 30W (4 feet tube), 22W (3 feet tube),

15W (2 feet tube)

• Options:With reflector, <15% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

• Illuminance: >300 Lux at 1m (+-10%)

• Colour: 2700K(warm white), 4100K (cool white) or 6500K(white)


• Power savings of 35% compared to T8 or T10 with electromagnetic ballast.

• Does not require a starter or capacitor since PF is more than 0.95.

• Can be implemented with reflector to further improve intensity by 60%.

• Direct replacement onto standard T8T10 connector/holder. (Starter and capacitor need to be removed.)

• Long life of more than 16 000 hours.

• Less heat generated resulting in cost savings from the operation of air conditioners.

• Higher operating frequency eliminate flickering and therefore less tiring to the eyes.

• Typical T5 tubes are 20-35% dimmer than T8 tubes. Our product is almost as bright as T8 tubes.

• Replacement for T8 or T10 fluorescent tubes

• Application: general lighting

• PSB approved

• 2 Years Warranty on converson kit

• 1 Year Warranty on T5 Tube

• Product of China


Instructions for installation:

1. Fit the conversion kit into the T8 lamp holder.

2. Remove the starter and switch on the light.