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Solar Tiles (Polycarbonate)

Our award-winning solar tiles are very well designed and reliable.

Available colours:

Red Green Blue Amber White Colourful


* No wiring, no electric power required, charged by solar energy and easy to install.

* Can be embedded into wall or ground, leaving a 3mm gap for silicone sealant.

* Control mode can be reset without dismantling after installation.

Applications: Residential areas, Landscape in public spaces, Pool, pond and fountains, Stairways,

balcony,crosswalks, sidewalks, etc.

Technical specifications:


  1. Dimension:200x200x45mm
  2. Weight:1.8kg
  3. Protection level:IP 68
  4. SOLAR-CELL:2.5W Mono-Crystalline silicon
  5. Battery:LiFePO4
  6. Charge time:2.5 hours (at 1000W/ M2)
  7. Working hours:27 hours
  8. Working temperature:-20℃~ 75℃
  9. Diffuser:Polycarbonate

Warranty: 3 years (for application on wall), 1 year (for application on ground)

Product of Taiwan