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Motion Sensor LED Light

Our Motion Sensor LED Light uses advanced infrared detection technology and optimally designed circuitry to provide clear, bright lights when needed.



Energy saving, environmentally friendly and  anti-explosive 

* Uses advanced infrared detection sensor technology

* Automatic induction

* Well designed, light-weight and portable 



* Sensor sensitivity distance:  more than 3m

* Sensor sensitivity angle: 120 deg

* Number of LEDs: 10

* Maximum power: 0.5W

* LED life: more than 80 000 hours

* Single lamp brightness: 6-7Lum/ piece,

   light-emitting angle: 120 degrees

* LED Colour Temperature: Pure White 6400-7300K or      

                                          Warm White 2800-2950K

* Operating current: 120 mA

* Power supply: 4 AAA batteries or 1.5V rechargeable batteries

* Delay shutdown time: 15 second

* Induction interval: None

* Operating temperature: -5 ° C to 40 ° C

* When fully charged, can light up for 6 hours

* Dimension: 190*30*16mm

* Weight: 100g (excluding batteries) 


Installation Method

* Attach with double-sided adhesive tape or fix with screws 



* Doorway, attic, dark room, basement, garage, cellar, wardrobes, cabinets, cupboards, bookcases, hotel wardrobes, safe deposit boxes, tents, car trunk, etc.



* Because the light sensor is internally installed, it may not work in daytime environment.

* We recommend using high-performance alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries. Common alkaline battery's capacity is too small and may affect the life and performance of the motion sensor light.

* The operating temperature should be between -5 ° C to 40 ° C, in order for it to work optimally.

* This light is not waterproof. Do not place it outdoor where it is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

* Do not place the sensor light beside a window or any strong light environment.