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Benefits of LED Lighting

* extremely energy efficient, consuming up to 90% less power than incandescent or halogen bulbs and up to 50% less than fluorescent or CFL.

* less heat emission, therefore loading on air conditioners is reduced resulting in further electricity savings.

* long life span thus reducing maintenance and lamp replacement costs and lower long-term operating costs.

* environmentally friendly as they do not contain toxic mercury or any other hazardous materials. 

Secondly,wth the reduction in electricity usage, less coal need to be burned in coal-fired power plants to supply that electricity, This result in less carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas), sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and mercury being emitted to the environment.

As a result, installation of LEDs leads to less pollution and a lower carbon footprint.

light up instantly without flickering. No warm-up period required. When turned on, they are at full brightness.

* Life span unaffected by frequent turning on and off.

* no UV radiation therefore ideal for shining on "heat and light sensitive" merchandise such as watches, jewellery, leather goods, antiques and artwork. Also prevent premature aging of skin due to uv exposure.

* do not attract flying insects as insects are drawn to UV light.

* directional and focus light in the areas required therefore reduces light wastage.

* safer as there are no fragile filaments to break. They are normally assembled in aluminium and plastic, instead of glass casing, making them more robust and shockproof. Even when they are broken, they do not shatter into pieces like glass or emit harmful gas.

* Although LED light bulbs cost more than traditional light bulbs, they are much cheaper to operate and last much longer, thus saves money in the long run. Furthermore all our products come with warranty ranging from a few months to a few years. The energy efficiency and environmental benefits translate into financial savings for you and a cleaner environment for everyone.