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LED 2.5W Capsule - Philips

Philips 12V Master LED 2.5W Capsule offers naturally warm light with only 2.5W power consumption, ensuring the biggest energy saving and lowest maintenance cost. With PHILIPS' patented solution, it guarantees the broadest possible compatibility with standard 12V Halogen electronic transformers.

PHILIPS 12V MASTER LED 2.5W Capsule is a direct replacement of traditional G4 capsules used in different types of modern fixture and chandeliers.

Design Highlights:

* Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard halogen lamps

* Long lifetime of 35,000 hours (B50, L70)

* Patented intelligent driver (enables broad compatibility with existing electronic halogen


* Retrofits into most of G4 fixtures

* Removable lens design

* CCT: 2700K

* RoHS compliant


PHILIPS MASTER LED 2.5W Capsule is designed with a removable top lens which allows you to DIY the light effect you want. It can create a sparkling effect with the top lens or deliver a spot effect when the top lens is removed.

• Operating temperature range is between -20°C and 45°C ambient

• For indoor application and fixtures with G4 lamp-holders that offer sufficient space (10mm free air space)

• Not intended for use with emergency light fixtures or exit lights

• For use in fixtures that can structurally support a lamp weighing 20 gram

Suitable for use in Chandeliers / modern fixture